Email Marketing Is Dead – Or Maybe Not.

Several social media gurus have pronounced that email is dead and is just waiting for a decent funeral before it disappears all together. Apparently they have not reviewed the most recent report from the world’s foremost authority on email statistics, the Epsilon Email Marketing Research Center, which reveals that open and click through rates (CTR) have remained constant over the past two years.

That’s actually a pretty impressive accomplishment given the dramatic growth in the social media competition, particularly Social Messaging Service. Email continues to deliver solid sales results but sellers have had to work harder to maintain the performance.



Email Blasts

DO take it personally

When we say “work harder”, we mean they have to really know their list and send more personalized offers to individual addresses. It means they have to have an autoresponder with a robust backend that can slice and dice the data to create highly targeted affinity segments. In short, it means one size does not fit all. Use the information your system has gathered on your list to send messages that will resonate with particular segments.

More importantly, working harder to present a more personalized approach means understanding the data your autoresponder is giving you and knowing how to leverage it for a higher ROI. If you are a small shop or a one man operation this is no easy task even with a relatively small list.



Email Marketing


Your list is a gold mine. But just like the miner, you cannot extract the ore without the proper tools. If you need help in that direction, read more about email marketing and feel free to give us a call at 305-791-0077 and we will be happy to share our ideas.



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