Google AdWords Versus Facebook Advertising – Which Gives You The Biggest Bang?

The answer is… it depends. Ideally you will have campaigns running on both and carefully monitor performance and tweak where required.

Here is the major difference between the two. On AdWords you are relying on consumers who are seeking out a specific keyword phrase, and that phrase usually has a high commercial intent. Best deal on tires, cost of car insurance in Baltimore, Belltech lowering kit review, and divorce lawyers in Cincinnati are examples of specific interest searches that you might bid on for ad placement.


Google Adwords Advertising


Facebook, on the other hand, more resembles the segmentation you do with your email list. With a Facebook ad you can target a very specific demographic by gender, age, interest and location. They may not be looking for your product or service, but they are the group who most likely will buy.

There are obvious advantages to both approaches.

Statistics are always tricky but here are a few from fairly reliable and responsible sources that might give you some insight:

  • Unique U.S. visitors per month. Google: 0.17 billion Facebook: 0.15 billion
  • Average time on site per month per U.S. User. Google: 101 minutes Facebook 414 minutes
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Google: $0.82 Facebook: $0.60
  • Click through rate (CTR) Google 2.0% Facebook 0.5%
  • Average ROI. Google $1 on advertising yields $2 in revenue Facebook $1 advertising yields $3 in revenue

Facebook Advertising

That last statistic should give you pause. They are nice round numbers, and round numbers rarely appear in statistics. The Google numbers come from the Google Economic Impact Report, and Facebook comes from

There isn’t a good answer to which is best. It depends on too many variables to make an accurate forecast. You really need to be on both, and if you need help with that give us a call at 305-791-0077.

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